What is Japanizm?

Japanizm is not just a free guidebook of restaurants and shops. We believe that we should introduce Japan’s proud culture, marvelous spirit and superb technology to more people in New Zealand. Based on the idea to help improve your life in New Zealand by adding the essence of Japan, Japanizm, an English booklet made by Japanese, was created.


  • Yakitori Bar Taisho

    Yakitori Bar Taisho

    Yakitori Bar Taisho prides itself on using 100% genuine Bincho charcoal for its grill. A huge paper lantern, the restaurant’s sy… Read More

  • Dharma Japanese Curry

    Dharma Japanese Curry

    Dharma in the Strand Arcade is a Japanese curry shop having a motto “Cheap!”, “Fast!” and “Good!” appealing to its lines of cust… Read More