What is Japanizm?

Japanizm is not just a free guidebook of restaurants and shops. We believe that we should introduce Japan’s proud culture, marvelous spirit and superb technology to more people in New Zealand. Based on the idea to help improve your life in New Zealand by adding the essence of Japan, Japanizm, an English booklet made by Japanese, was created.


  • Nishiki Robatayaki-Bar

    Nishiki Robatayaki-Bar

    Nishiki is a Japanese-style BBQ cooking restaurant where meat dishes are especially popular among locals and Japanese home-style… Read More

  • Yaruki Japanese Restaurant

    Yaruki Japanese Restaurant

    Yaruki, an authentic Japanese restaurant located in Browns Bay, offers original dishes. Its selected materials are very fresh, a… Read More


  • Eastern Bays Acupuncture Clinic

    Eastern Bays Acupuncture Clinic

    NZ qualified Japanese Acupuncturist in Glen Innes. Acupuncture is a safe, painless alternative therapy for treating a variety of… Read More

  • DAISO $3 Japan

    DAISO $3 Japan

    Daiso $3 Japan offers a rich array of unique novel products which are usually only found in Japan, including daily-life goods su… Read More